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On the material side, the Gravel Bike is at the crossroads of road biking and mountain biking.

The frame geometry is rather classic and is similar to a road bike.
However, the bottom bracket is slightly raised and the cranks shortened in order to more easily overcome obstacles.

The wheel arches at the fork and the rear seat stays are widened to accommodate studded tires with a cross-section of

up to 47 mm.

In terms of brakes, we often find powerful and safe disc brakes

Bicycle regulations :

To ensure your safety and the other participants, it is strictly prohibited to participate to the tests with :

- a recumbent bike (on your stomach or on your back)

- a bicycle with hanger extension
- a bicycle intended for time trials 
- a bike not suitable for Gravel


The organization strongly advises against the use of solid and stick wheels because the profile of the course does not lend itself to it !

‘’ Don't be stingy on the gables ’’


Gravel bike Mandatory :

Specific bike for Gravel MANDATORY - equipped with a drop bar (road handlebars)   

Cyclo-Cross and Electric gravel bikes are accepted * - equipped with a drop bar (handlebars)   


* Electric bikes will be classified in a specific category.  

We also recommend : 

- Tires with a MINIMUM section of 34mm 

- TUBELESS Very very highly recommended !


Compulsory equipment :

For participants in the Trophy Challenge and Explore   


  • A floor mat 

  • A down (warm) 

  • The tents are supplied by our partner Chullanka   


For everyone :   


  • A gravel bike equipped with a drop bar (road handlebars) 

  • Wearing a hard shell helmet is compulsory throughout the event 

  • Clothes suitable for practice 

  • A bike in perfect condition allowing the practice of Gravel 

  • A red rear light with a minimum power of 50 Lumens is mandatory 

  • A front or front light with a minimum power of 200 Lumens is mandatory  2 spare air chambers 

  • A pump 

  • A multitools as well as a chain tool 

  • Personal cup 15cl minimum (canisters or flasks) 

  • Minimum water reserve 1 liter 

  • Survival blanket of 1.40m x 2m minimum 

  • Food reserve 

  • Waterproof and breathable jacket to withstand bad weather in the mountains 

  • A pair of gloves 

  • An ID 

  • A certified retro-reflective vest 

  • Mobile phone operating on the French network (put the organization's security numbers in your directory, keep your phone always on, don't hide your number and don't forget to leave with a charged battery) 

  • Smile and good humor

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